Web Development

What is Laravel framework?

LARAVEL FRAMEWORK is the world’s most popular PHP framework. The benefits of Laravel are tremendous. Laravel framework uses the MVC (Model View Controller) framework in web development. Laravel is a new generation of web frameworks that makes it easier for you to develop your application. Laravel provides lots of powerful tools, such as a powerful and expressive ORM (Object Relational Mapping is a tool that helps you make query and manipulate data from a database using an object paradigm). 

Template engine (Blade), a data validation system, a cool router, component to cache everything you want.

Features of Laravel Framework :

• Routing system

• Unit-Testing

• View Composers

• Application Logic

• Automatic Pagination

As discussed above, the Laravel framework uses MVC architecture which organise different parts of code into models, views, and controllers.

• routes.php handles all the routes.

• We redirect requests to the appropriate controller from routes.php

• Then controller talks to the database either through model (Object Relational Mapping) or query builder.

• The controller will return the required data object to view and is responsible for implementing all the business logic.

• The view will return the final response to the user by fetching an appropriate template and replaces all placeholders with data received from the controller.


Reasons why you should pick Laravel :


• Built-in Authentication

• Easy migration from CI

• Filters

• Eloquent ORM

• Unit-Testing

• HTTPS Support

• Powerful Controller Routing

• Events

Powerful Tools in laravel :

  1. Migration: Migrations allow you to track changes to how your database is set up, step by step and update or rollback those changes or we can say that migration helps to modify the DB schema & up to date the current schema.


  1. Seeding: Seeding is meant for the testing environment. Seeding helps you to fill your DB with dummy data with a simple command.