How Can Marketing Automation In CRM Improve Your Business

Marketing has evolved significantly over the years and has become more complex than ever. Consumers are now using multiple platforms to gather information and stay up to date making survival difficult for marketers. By using Marketing Automation with CRM, businesses can optimize and automate a decent chunk of marketing tasks. This will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of business which will save time to deliver tasks. The combined usage of both software helps in delivering messages early and closing deals faster which leads to higher profits and revenue. Marketing Automation is a technology that lets you target customers through personalized campaigns.

On the other hand, CRM is a customer-centric tool that gives a 360-degree view of the customers. It helps to keep a record of all the business activities and maintains each and every detail of a customer in an organized way. There is no doubt that CRM software is an essential tool and should be implemented in every business to manage customer interactions effectively. Marketing Automation is a customized technology but only if it is used according to the needs of the business. So in this blog, you will get to know how CRM works with marketing automation and how businesses can benefit by using both software together.





Emails are the primary communication channels to deal with potential customers. With the help of automated emails, you can test your email content and create templates to and also do advanced email reporting. Email Marketing Automation with CRM helps in customizing data through logical workflows. You can send multiple emails to customers in advance or at a specific event or time. By using CRM and Marketing Automation together in email marketing, you can create customer-specific campaigns with ease. The combined usage can also help you generate massive sales and reduce manual efforts in email marketing.



Campaigns are the workflows that are used to generate leads along with the sales cycle. Campaign management supports inbound and outbound campaigns. To run successful campaigns you need to send emails to a large number of people or need to send an email at a specific event or at a scheduled time.



Lead scoring helps marketers to concentrate on the most effective leads. Depending on the activities and interactions, every customer receives a score. When a lead matures and reaches a certain value, it is assigned to the sales team to perform the appropriate action.

Shortlisting leads from the entire marketing data is quite a challenging task. CRM and Marketing Automation together help in strategizing better, so you can have lead management properly with less time.



The purpose of both CRM and market automation is to approach customers and build better relationships. However, tracking data and conversations from two different software of the same customers can be very difficult and time-consuming. With the integration, you can easily understand and analyze customer relationships and provide better services to the customers. This integration helps you to display your data in a more customized way. 



If you don’t follow up with your lead regularly, most probably your competitor will pick it. Marketing automation can efficiently use lead nurturing to deliver content to your leads over time. With the help of Marketing Automation, you can quickly set up lead nurturing campaigns that actually become sales-ready without putting a lot of sales efforts. With the help of CRM software, sales representatives can view and monitor responses to specific leads, run marketing campaigns, and take appropriate actions.



If you look at the usage of both the software together, it could be an extension of CRM capabilities. We all know that CRM software helps to maintain a history of past customers and future customers. By adding marketing automation techniques with CRM software, we can bring out better and quick sales results. Also, having a CRM integration with Marketing Automation will provide the benefit of consistent messaging. However, if you use both the software separately, then the chances of having traffic in messaging are high.

This is because you need to monitor two different software to know if the interaction with one customer is constant. With the combined usage you can also control data leaks and maintain data hygiene. The integration of both the software together can help organizations gain centralization in the data, have easy customer behavior visibility, and improve workflow.

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How Can A Student Assessment System Revolutionize E-Learning

E-learning is rapidly growing and revolutionizing the whole education industry. Who would have thought that classrooms will be replaced by videos and homework will be given over emails? However, old teaching methods, use of paper, traditional learning, and skepticism towards technology, are still acting as barriers between schools and e-learning. Although video learning and teaching apps have become popular they lack an important feature, viz. A student assessment system.

Teachers and schools can conduct live classes and share pre-recorded videos but there’s a lack of an option to conduct tests and more within a single platform. To help schools overcome this we have created Schoolzpro, a platform that will address all your e-teaching problems. We’ll get to it later, let’s start with how a student assessment system can help take e-teaching to the next level.


Track Progress With Assignments

One of the great features of a complete student assessment system is that it allows you to make sure your students are studying and learning well. How? Well, it provides you the option to create and deploy assignments for the students. How often can you do it? That’s totally up to you. If you wish to keep a close track of their progress, you can create assignments after every chapter. You can check the submissions to make sure the students have gone through what you intended them to. All of this can be done within a single platform, it can be as interactive as regular classroom learning. You can call for a video class and at the end of it share the assignments, check them, and provide feedback during the next class. 


Test their knowledge by exams

A feature majorly missing in most of the apps used by teachers to interact with students digitally is exams. Conducting exams is a very complicated task, and a lot of paperwork piles up. Once you move to the e-teaching platform, you would want to conduct exams to test their cumulative knowledge of a subject and grade them accordingly. Most schools have not switched to e-teaching because of this key factor, “teach online and then conduct offline papers, what’s the point?”. To be honest, the current scenario is focused more on e-learning rather than e-teaching.

You see, an app that’ll allow you to take classes and provide study material would be incomplete if it doesn’t allow you to test all that knowledge that you have been providing them. A student assessment system like Schoolzpro changes that. With schoolzpro, you can not only conduct exams but also check the answers in real-time to make students realize their mistakes instantly and learn.

Find Out Weaknesses and Strengths

A complete student assessment system will also help you with valuable insights into the exams you conduct. Once your students are done with the exams, you can take note of their weaknesses and strength with insights. With this option, you’ll find the weaknesses for both individuals and groups of students. This will help you focus more on topics that your students find hard to learn and understand. Similarly, the strengths will help you take note of topics that all your students have a good grasp of.

For the strong topics, you can focus on giving more exercises than study material for the same. The insight option if you notice can help you immensely in making sure that all your students excel in their final exams. When you track the data and work on it, you’ll be able to help all the students score high grades, making your school’s overall result beat the others. 



To help you do all of this within a single platform, we at Essence have created an app for you. This app will revolutionize e-teaching – Schoolzpro A Student Engagement System.

Schoolzpro not only allows you to teach through videos it also helps you upload class or subject wise study material. That being said, you can evaluate your students by allocating assignments, taking tests, and checking their performance through data-driven insights. Schoolzpro is more of a student engagement system. The easy to use interface, data protection, and app security make it the best student assessment system. 

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Role Of AI In CRM – Essence Software

Artificial Intelligence or AI is reshaping the way companies work and will become a must-have tool for organizations. Artificial intelligence is the ability of a machine to copy human intelligence processes, learn from experiences, and perform human activities. AI processes large amounts of data much faster and makes predictions that humans are incapable of making. The development in the field of Artificial Intelligence has been truly tremendous. Today, Artificial Intelligence has made it possible for humans to do things that were unimaginable a decade ago. Some of the examples of artificial intelligence are Speech recognition, Handwriting recognition, Alexa, and voice assistants like Siri. With this blog, we’ll dive into the role of AI in CRM, but before we do that let’s learn a bit about CRM.

The use of Customer Relationship Management software is growing as well. Customer Relationship Management is an important part of any business that needs to maintain its existence in a competitive market. Today all customers want special and dedicated treatment, thus businesses are becoming more customer-centric. However, they face a big challenge to do it effectively.

CRM helps offer a lot of services to the customers and the most powerful addition to them is artificial intelligence. The role of AI with CRM is a real game-changer. Some Companies are still not familiar with the fact that AI with CRM can make a business profitable and can perform much faster action. Here we have written this blog to spread awareness that Artificial Intelligence with CRM can bring a change and let AI handle the analysis and make smarter recommendations. 



Helps in speeding up the sales cycle using technology to interact with customers or schedule meetings. It can also improve lead generation by having more accurate marketing campaigns. Integrating Artificial Intelligence into CRM helps in automation of Customer reports, emails, data collection, and more. This helps you avoid the risk of human errors in your everyday tasks.




An Artificial Intelligence-powered CRM helps to learn from past decisions and historical data to score the best leads for sales. Artificial intelligence will also be able to predict future customer behavior. AI is very helpful when it comes to analyzing customer’s emotions even by a single phone call. By doing this, AI helps in establishing new strategies that lead to good growth. This helps to connect with customers on a new level because you will give customers exactly what they want, how they want, and when they want it.



AI helps team workers to be more productive because with AI, you won’t need to worry about the manual data entry work. Having intelligent algorithms will help categorize customers easily. Imagine an automated segmentation that will assure you to deliver your message to a specific group to multiple customers at a time.



It helps to suggest better ways to group and assign tickets to relevant departments. Your CRM system will benefit because AI helps to sort tickets by finding out data time-wise, location wise and it saves a lot of time.



The live chat function in CRM utilizes much time to deliver apt responses and suggestions to users. Artificial Intelligence is what gives us quick responses via chat without having to wait for too long. Machine learning, with a branch of Artificial Intelligence, also plays a part in learning and storing patterns from the conversations.



What matters for a business is consistent growth and that is only possible by interacting and engaging with customers. By the use of artificial intelligence, you can set up a device that can work for you in your absence. Also, your work is simplified and customers can get a service 24/7.



Through the intelligent data analysis that results from AI and CRM integration, devices will be able to create more applications with easy to use interfaces. Furthermore, easy to use CRM interfaces will help increase conversion rates and quality experience.




So, now you have an overview of the role of AI in CRM. By now, you know that, businesses are already taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence and if you want to keep up with them, you should consider adding it to your business. AI with CRM makes it possible for companies to improve customer satisfaction and makes CRM software more powerful.  The evolution of AI will lead to the development of efficient CRM software, which in turn, will help in saving time and providing valuable customers and maintain future customers.

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What are the Key Features Of CRM?

Working with customers can be a challenging task. Keeping up contacts, details, relevant information, solving problems, and ensuring satisfaction, all of this takes too much time if done individually. CRM helps achieve all this as well as helps to maintain positive relations with customers within a single dashboard. One of the most key features of CRM is that it can carry a lot of workload for business.

Customer Relationship Management is helpful for small businesses as well as large enterprises. Helps businesses expertly manage work and address customers with great care. The main purpose of CRM is to drive profit by helping companies to track the records of all the activities of the acquired or to be acquired business. Although CRM is a broader term used in business these features will help you to get more familiar with CRM. An effective CRM strategy help companies work with customers and try to understand them instead of blindly selling their product or service.


Good customer Relationship Management (CRM) software enables your business to better manage customer interactions, and provide support through systems.

There are some features of CRM


Contact Management is an essential part of every business. CRM helps in managing contacts, addresses, emails, and names in a database. It helps in managing all relevant contacts, important emails, and data in specific fields and helps to secure the confidential information in a managed way. It helps in keeping every bit of details of your customers. All details in CRM are kept centralized and available anytime which helps in increasing productivity as well as timely management of things.



A good CRM system keeps the data secure and gives access to information only to designated people. There is a way to allow management and access to a particular person without compromising data security.CRM also helps in efficiently dealing with customers and provide them what they need, which enhances turnover as well as profits.


CRM can also track billing and invoicing for each system. It helps in keeping a record of financial activities and helps in tracking timelines of payment. With CRM you can keep all invoices organized and it helps in maintaining average frequency.



CRM software that has hardware monitoring features can provide help in checking the status and availability of hot spots and other network equipment. It can save you the time spent in managing hardware devices, leaving more time to directly deal with customers.



CRM software helps in collecting information about partners and product support. This helps in finding out why, when, where, and what was the reason that client was dissatisfied. It also helps in having a track of how the issue has been addressed. This makes it easy to have a track of each customer and helps in finding which business is profitable and which is not.



A CRM system not only helps in dealing with existing customers but also helps in acquiring new customers. The process starts with identifying the customer and finding all the corresponding details and maintain them in the CRM system.  Then the Sales Executive tries to get business out of these customers, follow up with them, and convert them into leads.



One of the important features of CRM is highly cost-effective. Implementing CRM system software helps in reducing the paperwork and reduces manual work resulting in lesser staff and lesser resources to deal with. The software used in the CRM system is cheap as compared to other tools.



In today’s commercial world, it is quite challenging to deal with existing customers and to thrive business by getting more customers. A satisfied customer will be there with you in the long term and enhance the growth of the business. CRM gives customer satisfaction. Installing a CRM software system can improve the situation and help deal with new ways of marketing and business.

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