5 Step Guide to Choose the Best IoT Development Company In India

If you intend to create your Internet of Things setup but got puzzled at the outset for choosing the best IoT development company in India, then fret not! We are here to offer you a helping hand. Go through this article on the stepwise guide to ride the ship and embrace all the success. Currently, every business seeks the right implementation of the Internet of Things as the world needs new developments. So, dive into this guide and create your own IoT atmosphere with the help of the best IoT development company in India. 

For all the reasons, IoT is in huge demand, and the graph is seeing exponential growth. In coming days, it will be the future of the technology for sure as already it has a wide range of applications in the professional fields like logistics, industries as well as personal requirements. 

Internet of Things is an excellent combination of various smart devices that helps in effective communication with each other. It is getting the admiration in the last few years irrespective of IT, retail, healthcare, logistics, and more. It is an integrated service that simulates real-time device connections on a specific network. Moreover, the IoT framework connects the data network for data empowerment across the value chain. 

Here is the five-step guide to choosing the best IoT development company in India.


Step 1: Make Extensive Research on the company 

Attempt comprehensive research before zeroing your search on the most professional IoT development company. It is one of the essential steps in the development process, and you should not take this casually.

Indeed, there are countless reputed IoT development companies; still, you should go through the testimonials and references of the companies and their clients. It will give you a good insight into the organizations’ operations and help you make the right decision. 

Step 2: Examine its Proficiency 

Once you get an optimistic perception of the agency, it is your responsibility to ensure its expertise in the field and their in-line experience to offer you the best service. It would help if you identify the specialization in IoT development and handling IoT applications. The company should have a bucket of successful IoT projects under its belt to offer you a fidelity sense. 

Besides this, you should choose the best IoT development company in India that can grow alongside you by becoming a long-term partner. It should have the capability to exceed your requirements.

The company you choose should also be capable of implementing all the security measures to protect your endeavor throughout the execution process. 


Step 3: Ensure the technology practices

It is apparent that all the IoT development companies use several technologies to build a practical IoT application. Still, it is your concern to go through the techniques used by these companies to offers you adequate supports. 

Remember, you may end up with a terrible result if the technologies used won’t go in line with your business goals. Every IoT application features its own set of network requirements. Keep in mind, choosing the best wireless technology is highly essential so that you can deal with the bandwidth, security, and network management. 

On the other hand, choosing the right IoT application is also essential as it simplifies its development process by easing down all the difficulties and concerns. Moreover, the right environment platform also makes IoT applications comfortable and stable. 

The IoT analytics platform helps scalability and optimizes data storage by collecting the data from various sources. It will help if you employ one of the best analytics for solving different angles of difficulties like data quality and its integrity. 


Step 4: Communication Protocols 

Internet of Things employs several communication protocols for adapting millions of devices. So it would help if you have the right protocols for an effective IoT implementation. Some of the major IoT communication protocols are Wi-Fi, LTE-A, and Bluetooth. All these protocols work efficiently to satisfy your functional requirements and provide you an effective IoT ecosystem. 


Step 5: Testing

IoT development is not effective until it undergoes meticulous testing, the testing process should go simultaneously with the development process. Comprehensive testing can identify the flaws and guide the developers thoroughly for improvement.

On the other hand, testing is highly essential to check the system’s capability to accommodate the requirements and the efficacy of the codes. In such cases, the testing outcomes can help remove the bugs and make it run properly. 


Bottom Line 

 Internet of Things is the need of the hour, because of the ongoing development and evolution of technology for all the right reasons. Now almost everything is at your fingertips, and in this case, IoT makes your life more stress-free and comfortable. It also has a massive impact on the organizations and service sector who want to follow the trend.

If you are looking to implement the best IoT ecosystem for your business, consider the above steps. The tools and technologies outlined here will help you establish a future-ready and user-friendly IoT system. So, if you want to provide you, customers, a new-age and smart experience then choose the best IoT development company in India and commence your project.

Here’s Bonus!

Essence Software Solutions provides IoT development services to all companies globally. We even have our own IoT products already deployed in the market. We can help you make the best of this technology and build a revolutionizing product for you.

Web Development

5 Step Guide to Choose a web development Company In India

Developing an engaging website is all about presenting your concepts and business goals in an exciting manner. Hence, irrespective of your business type, you need to think twice before choosing the best web development company in India to work with. 

So what comes in your mind when you think of a good website? The codes, stimulating designs, or the latest frameworks and programming languages?

Suppose you are planning to create a website for your business. In that case, it is highly essential to define a timeline and necessary steps that can ensure effective web development and proper engagement.  

Here are the five steps to choose a web development company in India that can derive the competent solution and design a website to meet the need of the hour. For any project, these steps are essential so that your website won’t face any complications later. 

web development company in india


Step 1: Competencies of the best web development company in India

While making a search for a web development company, always consider its competencies by going through its portfolio, its wide range of services and expertise. A web development company can be competent because of its professional and expert web developers, utilization of technologies and languages, and seamless service. so you need to check all these beforehand. 


Step 2: Designing: It is the stepping stone.

While making a website, its design plays a vital role; without this, you can’t execute programming as well as content work with precision. Designing a website is nothing less than making your own house. 

Thus, the design is highly essential, and a little bit of negligence can put off all your effort and dreams. Hence the designer should provide you a rough sketch of your website using your basic ideas and wireframes. Remember, wireframes are the blueprint of your website that offers you a visual configuration. 

You should check whether a web development company follows the right set of wireframes or not. It should follow an effective wireframing adhering to the basic guidelines to make your website stand apart. 

On the other hand, the professional web developers should figure out the latest requirements, do their research, and add their creativity for the best outcome. They should have the skills to work on the layouts, addition of text, and images to make the end-product informative and visually-effective. 

A web development company should know about up-to-the-minute design as a website is not a color book; it is the mirror of your company. So it should interpret your thoughts. So, the company needs to have all the standard design principles beforehand. 


Step 3: Development

Right after you get satisfaction from the designing part, now check thoroughly on the development aspect. In this stage, the web developers use a programming language and a set of codes for the proper functionality of your website. 

Simply put, these codes give life to your website, so a deep comprehension of all the aspects before implementing the technology is quite crucial. In this stage, the web developers use the most effective programming language for your website and write codes to make it appealing. 

The programming languages are the core of your web development; hence they should use a language that expresses your views productively. Surely in the development stage, web programming is an essential part that effectively communicates between the machine and actions. 


Step 4: Content Creation

So as of now, you must have your website with an aesthetic design and proper functionality, but it is genuinely inefficient without any engaging, informative, and high-quality content. So if you want to let your business deliver cohesive info about your business, make sure the web development company is responsive enough to handle such requirements. 

Keep in mind; engaging content can grab the attention of numerous people, and expand your brand value, allow people to comprehend your services and products, which in turn generate substantial leads for your business. 

Your content should have elementary features like headings, subheadings, and tags to find it easily on the search engines. Content writing is all about fulfilling your business objectives and entice new clients through an intriguing website.


Step 5: Testing & Maintainence

The curtain of the website development process almost drops once you get your content done and upload effectively. But in a real sense, that is not the end; you have to go through an extensive testing process. It is one of the most crucial parts in the list of 5 step guides to a web development company in India

In this step, the web development company tests every web page of your website, its speediness, response, and find typing errors as well. It also makes sure all the elements are connected properly for the smooth running of the continuous function of your website.

They also go for an extensive checking for the speed of your website, its cross-browser compatibility. The testers also make sure the written codes adhere to the web development standards or not before making it live for your customers. 

A live website doesn’t mean the end of services and a relationship with your web development company. You know there is no certainty to the mishaps, and you could see an enormous loss. So, you should check for the maintenance service for post-development support. 


Wrapping Up

In this century, an online presence is a must to conquer the commercial market. For taking your business and service online, you need to go for an engaging and remarkable website. You can easily create a website by following this 5 step guide to a web development company that suits your needs. 

The best company has a portfolio that tells you more about its services than what experts tell you. Finding a web design company that can deliver has never been as daunting as it is today. Because there always is a fine line between failure and success.

Thus, you need to be careful while selecting web design service providers. We at Essence Software Solutions provide web development solutions that are customized completely based on the business or service. We work on all major web development frameworks and also work on specific technology requirements. Since designing is of key importance, our team of web designers focus on building attractive, seamless, and customized designs. Our development phase is completely transparent and we focus on creating content that resonates. When we deliver a product, we make sure it is thoroughly tested for bugs, we also provide 6 months of free maintenance. You can get in touch with us here!



digital marketing

5 Step guide to the best Digital Marketing company in India

Digital Marketing is one of the most trending topics in the world today. In this era of digitalization, where everything is happening online these days and more so because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, digital marketing has been gaining the high ground. With physical promotions impossible in the current situation, you have to resort to digital marketing to promote your company. Digital Marketing contains the most efficient and effective strategies to help you reach your business goals. If you don’t have a digital marketing plan yet, it’s time you start working on one now. This article will give you the push that you need for setting up of an effective digital marketing plan for your company.  But, digital marketing isn’t a small field, is it? SEO, SMM, SEM, PPC, there’s just so much that you probably won’t be able to handle everything by yourself. So, in this article, you will get 5 steps to guide to help you choose the best digital marketing company in India.

Step 1: Identify the kind of marketing you need

To find the right company for digital marketing of your products, you need to choose one that satisfies your requirements. To implement your plans in a well-organized manner, it is of utmost importance that you choose your digital marketing methods. You cannot afford to change your methods very abruptly. If you want to be successful with your company’s digital marketing, you can use one of the numerous ways that are available, like Search engine optimization or content marketing, email marketing, and most importantly social media marketing. Social media marketing is heavily in fashion these days because people spend a good amount of time on social media. It is recommended to use social media marketing if your target audience is between 12-25 years of age. According to this, you should look for a company that matches your needs when searching for the perfect digital marketing company to advertise your brand. 


Step 2: Set Goals for yourself

Whenever we do some work, it is extremely important to set our goals. We need to know what we are aiming at and then we can put in our efforts accordingly. Before we embark upon the beautiful journey of reaching out to the company for marketing our brand, it is important that we define our goals. This will help us determine whether our choice strategy is in place or it needs some changes. When you set goals for your business, you need to make sure that you have both long term and short-term goals. Once your short-term goals are achieved, you can easily achieve the long-term ones. When setting goals, it is of utmost importance that you set achievable goals. Do not set unrealistic goals, they wouldn’t take you anywhere. Also, remember to set time-specific goals and try to complete those goals. By setting up of goals, you will do the second and extremely important step of management, that is organizing. You should check their list of services and see whether they will help you achieve the goals that you have set. If so keep moving ahead with that company.


Step 3: Look out for companies based on reviews

Your digital marketing is of utmost importance for your brand. Hence choosing the best digital marketing company in India matters a lot. When choosing a company, you should first check its reviews on the internet. You might as well ask friends who are in the same field as yours about which company they would recommend. Preferably look for ISO certified companies because those are the best ones in the market. You should also read the reviews about your chosen company in detail and finalize it.


Step 4: Discuss your project and check the proposals and marketing techniques involved

When you are done with the above steps and have almost decided upon the best digital marketing company in India, sit with them for an interview. Check whether their thinking matches yours and their techniques fit your budget. You cannot afford to go on spending money on a single thing. The management of money is extremely important when it comes to doing business. You must know how much you can spend and how much you should spend on digital marketing. The setting of a budget is of great importance here. Having set the set helps you allocate your money properly and cater to all the needs. When setting a budget, you should break it down into several different areas that you need to spend on and then further subdivide them into individual heads. This helps you keep a proper track of things. When you know exactly how much you will be spending and under which heads you will be spending, it will help you immensely in choosing successful digital marketing for your brand. You should also try to check their proposals and decide whether you are contented with the price which you are paying. 

Compare and finalize

After you are done with the other steps mentioned above, compare the package with those of other companies. You should compare both their highs and lows, something like that of a SWAT Analysis for the companies that you have chosen to be the digital marketers for your brand. You should compare all parameters and then finalize the brand which you want.

It’s high time now that you start creating a digital marketing plan. It will help you reach your goals faster and help you reach out to more people. In the current circumstances where physical marketing of a brand is impossible, digital marketing is your only hope. A strategically planned digital marketing for your company will help you obtain new ideas and drive your business forward. Follow the above-mentioned 5-steps to get the best digital marketing company to market your brand. Remember that the whole process is a bit time consuming and hence you should start planning well in advance before you launch your brand in the market. Choose your brand based on the above parameters and your company will surely soar high. Also, try and check out as many companies you can to find the PERFECT ONE!


Here’s a bonus. We at Essence Software Solutions provide digital marketing services that cover all aspects of online marketing for your brand. From SEO to Content Marketing, from SMM to PPC we offer all sorts of sub-services for digital marketing. To help your brand get the traffic it deserves we will first lay out a definite result-oriented plan that will work best according to your particular business. And hey, we are coffee lovers too, so you’re welcomed to join us over a cup of coffee to discuss your project further. Connect with us here!


Startup Consulting

How To Choose The Best Startup Consulting Company in India

Currently, startup consulting companies are one of the best supports that thousands of organizations have, be they large or small. Many of the services that are required by organizations cannot be covered internally, so it is necessary to look for highly qualified business consultants. Today however we will talk about choosing the best startup consulting company in India.

What is a Consulting Company?

A consulting firm serves as an agent of transformation, facilitating information transfer, and increasing people’s level of preparation. It is for these reasons and more, it is important to know what to take into account to choose the best one.

A successful relationship between client and consultant is essentially based on trust. The consulting firm strives to ensure that its work makes an impact on the organization over time. If there is not good personal compatibility, it is less likely that trust will be established and some kind of impact will occur. Furthermore, many consulting assignments fail when clients are not engaged in managing that relationship.

Although a consulting company provides a result or deliverable, its activities do not replace the work that your company must do before, during, or after the intervention of the consulting company.


How to choose the best startup consulting company in India?

Choosing the right company can be tough but if you break it down to certain steps, the whole process can become a whole lot easier. The first thing to do would be to first idealize your requirements as in what kind of consultancy you are looking for. Is it for technology? Is it for business operation or is it for growth? Once you’re through with what you want help with the second part becomes a lot easier.

The second thing you would need to do is start looking for companies that offer startup consulting in your particular field of requirement. For instance, we at Essence Software Solutions provide tech startup consulting services. Within this, we guide and lay down a technical path that startups can follow to boost their business and stress less on technology adaptation in the future.

Now that you’re done with the second part, it is time to finalize the best startup consulting company by getting in touch with all the ones you’ve shortlisted. Talk to each one of them, discuss your requirements, and see their response. Do they seem keen to work with you? Do they have knowledge of the type of consultancy they are offering? Try to find answers to other such similar questions to get the best startup consulting company in India.

A startup consulting company is never selected by price competition. A lower price almost always corresponds to lower quality work, with a negative effect on project results.

Once the negotiation is concluded, the contracting is carried out by global price, unit prices, rates by professional category, administration contract (cost plus), that is, the most convenient modality is adopted in each case.

Here are some key tips to consider when choosing the best startup consulting company:

Trust: We must always choose a consulting company that is trustworthy, that generates confidence in us for the type of work they do.

Way of working: Another important point is to take into account the way of working with the consulting company. Since we are a startup our requirements can be dynamic and the consulting company should be able to adjust it’s plan accordingly. Here we must know the type of programs, routes, or planning that they usually use to carry out our issues or aspects that we want to solve.

Services: It is important to define the type of services and integrated solutions for companies that we need and to know what consultancies offer, in this way we can determine whether or not they can take care of our company and the issues that affect us.

Trajectory: It is important to know a little about the trajectory of the company and the experience that they have offering its consulting services to other organizations.


What to keep in mind when selecting a startup consulting company

Before hiring a consultant, the following points should be taken into account.

Alignment of the consulting company with the project objectives

Often clients and consultants have different views on the end goal. Therefore at times, the set goals are vague (eg, “improve a business process”). A consulting assignment without measurable objectives usually ends in frustration. Evaluate the scope and purpose of the proposed project.

Some consultants insist on a certificate of “acceptance” for each activity they carry out. It is the indication that you’ve are working with a reputable company and they are obviously want to deliver superior service.


Consulting is not forever

The activity of the consultant must have a defined beginning and end. It is not advisable, and also not profitable, to hire consultants to run the business of the company as a whole.

Most consulting firms will work towards customer satisfaction, but they will rarely offer a 100% guarantee on the money invested. During the proposal stage, make sure that the consultants specify precisely what they will offer.


Consulting experience and its post-project support

Each type of project has its specificities. It is necessary for the consultant to have a deep knowledge of different projects. If the consultant knows your company’s sector, he will know in advance the particularities to attend to.

In addition, it is important to analyze what the support will be like once the project is finished. Consulting is like a physical exercise: without follow-up, the effort goes to waste. To ensure success, closely monitor the post-consulting program.


Well-detailed consulting firm fees

Consulting firms have high indirect costs and therefore need to allocate them to all of their consulting activities. However, clients must have a clear understanding of fees and how they correlate to specific services.

Increasingly, consultants view a stake in the client’s business as a form of payment and seek to increase the value of that equity through their efforts.


What should a proposal for a startup consulting project contain?

A consulting project presented by a consulting company must contain:

  • The objective of the project.
  • Context.
  • Understanding of customer needs.
  • Project scope
  • Stages or phases of the project.
  • Deliverables.
  • Criteria of acceptance.
  • Economic proposal.
  • Contract mode.
  • Price and method of payment
  • Obligations and resources that the contracting company will have to provide
  • Background of the consulting company or the consultant who offers the consulting service.
  • References.



Today you can find many types of startup consulting depending on the main need of your company. We invite you to continue reading about our Consulting Service Guide to clarify all the doubts you may have. And as we mentioned above, Essence Software Solutions provides tech startup consulting services to young businesses who want to adopt a technology that is super-useful, scalable, and easily replaceable. Connect with us here!


digital marketing

How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Company in India

These days every business comes up with a sole aim, i.e. to do wonders on the internet and to entice a higher number of customers. The high exposure of electronic media has also instigated internet marketing’s evolution over time. Global exposure, easy convenience, and impactful strategies altogether give an upper hand to the digital mode of marketing over conventional marketing. Ultimately, digital marketing is the need of the hour to grow your business in the present world. 

There are numerous reasons, which fortify the requirement of a digital marketing company for your business. It is quite evident that through an effective digital marketing strategy, you can generate substantial leads, enhance your brand awareness, and witness an outstanding conversion rate. 


The preliminary question. What defines best?

A digital marketing company can conduct all your marketing campaign requirements on the internet. These include content marketing, social media & search engine marketing, mobile marketing, search engine optimization, and more. 

Since there’s too much to offer and too much to gain, it is important that you go with the best digital marketing company. But, then again, what defines best? That’s a complicated question. A company might be best in providing SEO services, another one might be best in SMM. You see, you don’t have to find the best. The company that provides all the sub-services under the ‘digital marketing’ domain, and is good at all of them, will ideally be the best digital marketing company for you. You could use the quote “It’s better to be good at some than to be best at one” because digital marketing is not just about SEO.

We know, this must sound too overwhelming but do not worry, we are here to your rescue. With this blog, we’ll help you choose the best digital marketing company in India, by telling you what to look out for in each one of them.


Comprehend your business and define your basics

This might sound absurd but understanding your business should be the primary step before looking for a digital marketing company. It would be best if you spent substantial time analyzing your business, its long-term & short-term goals. Once you’re done with that, you will be able to explain and lay your expectations more clearly to the digital marketing company. 


Key tactics you should expect

Keep in mind; digital marketing is not static; it changes more often to meet the requirements of the current marketing scenario. The digital marketing company you choose should synchronize its services alongside the updated features for successful implementation.


Asking The most important questions for SEO

best digital marketing company in india

It stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is an effective way of getting high-quality traffic to your website organically. The digital marketing company should design content for your website adhering to all the fundamental requirements of digital marketing. Simply put, make it search engine optimized to get a better ranking.  SEO ranks your website higher on search engines like Google, Bing, and more. So, SEO is an essential strategy for any business that wants to excel on the internet and manifold its business. This is the first thing you should be looking at when choosing the best digital marketing company.

Does the company offer on-page, off-page SEO? Does it work on improving pre-existing content on your website? These should be your top 2 questions when shortlisting your ideal company.


Checking SEM Expertise

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, an internet marketing exercise that appears on the SERP via paid advertisements like pay-per-click or PPC ads. Through visually appealing ads, SEM helps customers check the product at-a-glance and its reviews before making a decision (generally to buy your product/service). 

Being of the most crucial digital marketing strategy, SEM enhances the visibility of a website and, in turn, helps you reach out to qualitative and quantitative traffic. Contrary to SEO, SEM is a paid marketing strategy. So, make sure to look for results from your ideal company’s past SEM campaigns.


Will it work on SMM?

Social Media Marketing is another key factor to promote your business. Your social media handles are the secondary face of your brand, post your website. But, they are the primary source of user interaction. The digital marketing company you choose should be working in creating brand outreach through all major social media platforms. The best digital marketing company will enhance your sales by reaching your target customers using effective social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and more. 

Since more than 4 billion people find such mediums engaging and reliable, if the company can create a customized SMM strategy for you, then shortlist it.


Mobile Marketing 

mobile marketing is the need of the hour as more customers are shifting their base to smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. So, it would help if you aimed at implementing this multi-channel digital marketing strategy to promote your business using various eloquent applications.


What type of Content Marketing does it offer?

Content Marketing is about creating engaging and informative content and distributing the same. It can be your own website (blogs/articles) or other organic websites and result-oriented platforms to generate leads. It is also instrumental in boosting brand awareness and search engine rankings. So our best digital marketing company should be offering a good mix of content strategy that can be posted both on and off-site.


Can it help you in Email marketing?

An effective email marketing strategy can do wonders for your business. Implementing an email marketing strategy is imperative because it is the most straightforward way to connect with numerous leads and nurture them into your potential customers. It is undoubtedly one of the most win-win digital marketing channels for sure. Although you can manage this one on your own, but you’re getting a digital marketing company then why not. Make sure the company you go with can create email campaigns with strategies that follow the marketing funnel.


Marketing Framework (Once you contact)

Once you shortlist some companies using the above key pointers, you can connect with them and use this pointer. A marketing Framework is primarily intended to nurture a plan of action for a successful marketing endeavor to meet your goals by taking necessary actions. It comprises your marketing goals, useful tools, and approaches, cost of marketing, expected revenue, and more. 

In a nutshell, all these aspects are essential for a successful implementation of a digital marketing strategy. So do extensive research beforehand and choose the best digital marketing company, which proves to be the best for your business. 


What not to do? Don’t Go only with Google Adwords & Keywords

Every company showcases a google adword certification. But hiring the best digital marketing company is not only about having a Google Adwords certification. It is quite useful if the company is certified and offers better search engine ranking, but they are only a part of this marketing strategy. So, you have to look out for more.

Scrutinize the conversion ratio and the efforts of using Google Adwords to entice traffic to your website. Keep in mind you need someone who can convert your website into a lead-generating machine, hence choose accordingly. 

Besides this, remember, although keywords are an essential ingredient of SEO, it is still not everything. It is all about the uses of keywords along with definite research for an unbelievable conversion rate. So focus on a digital marketing agency that doesn’t only craft a long list of keywords but a well-researched way of its implementation. 

Choosing the best digital marketing company for the first time is a hectic affair as your one verdict can make or break your business plan and outlook. Hence it is a necessity to follow a verified way to nurture your business to the heights.


Pro-tip and Bonus help

Now, that you’ve gone through the blog, we have something extra to offer. We at Essence Software Solutions, provide digital marketing services too. Now, we don’t just claim to be the best digital marketing company in India, we prove it by actions. The above-mentioned sub-services and the methodology to implement them? We follow them all. Just drop us an email about your requirement, and we will layout a comprehensive plan customized for you. You can review the plan, read this blog again if you want, and then finalize it. We’re just a text away!



How To Choose The Best IoT Development Company In India

The Internet of things (IoT) is undoubtedly the need of the hour. It offers new opportunities for your business and revolutionizes its functions. If you look at most common IoT devices like Alexa, Google Home, they’re quite easy to use and make your life easier, don’t they?

The Internet of things is becoming the new normal, as everything around us currently is an IoT device. How? Well, the easiest definition would be any device on which you can set up a wireless network, and transfer data is an IoT device. For example, your smartphones, laptops, even CCTV camera setup, and home automation systems are crucial IoT devices.

IoT altogether opens a world of endless possibilities, both for customers and your own working model. Unlike other services, IoT is not just a service or a product to sell to customers, it’s more of an invention. Anything from a Google Map linked alarm clock, to a simple temperature data logger, can be an IoT device. While the first idea mentioned in the statement above can be sold to the general public, the second can be used by industries to maintain internal data. IoT has a very vast scope and because of this very reason, it becomes difficult to choose the best IoT development company. Well, that’s what we’re here for. We’ll help you with some deciding factors that you can lay emphasis on while choosing the best IoT development company for yourself.

Availability of Communication Protocols & Storage Options

Communication Protocols are primarily essential for accommodating millions of devices and minimizing messaging sluggishness. So, whenever you think of implementing IoT, you need to ensure the communication protocols a company offers. 

At current times most of the IoT service providers use standard protocols like HTTP and MQTT. Still, it is good to discuss beforehand regarding the up-gradation and customization of such protocols as and when required. 

Storage on the other hand is one of the most important points of focus in an IoT device. Every command that the device is to make will be based on data. Depending on the time interval of data capture, you could have a huge amount of data to be stored. External hard drives can only store a limited amount of data. So make sure the IoT development company you choose provides cloud data storage options. Cloud is the only possible solution that can help you store data in an easier and sorted way.


Check whether the company promotes scalability

There is no doubt that scalability is highly essential for any business because of the ever-growing world, and IoT has no exception. A scalable IoT application would be able to handle the growth of the number of connected devices, users, data, and application features. 

Simply put, a system can withstand the mounting growth and accommodate it adequately, if the application is scalable.

So, scalability is a must for your business if you need to reach out to all your customers effectively and offer uniform service to your first and the millionth customer. A scalable IoT platform can grow alongside your business by boasting portfolios with millions of object deployments and submitting periodic insights without downgrading the efficiency. 

Hence find the best IoT company in India that can handle your excessive data load & optimal functionality. Moreover, it should handle the data and implement competent algorithms that offer enhanced business solutions. 

Our ideal company should mention it first hand that they promote scalability and their IoT application would not need constant short-lived updates.


Is it Flexible with customization?

Apart from being scalable, an IoT company should be flexible enough to work with the latest protocols and technologies. Let’s take the above alarm clock to google map sync example for instance. Suppose you had an idea that your IoT application would track the distance between a user’s home and office and will set the alarm accordingly. If the traffic on the route is high, the alarm would ring earlier and if low, it would be a default time. You went ahead with this idea and the company you chose started working on the project. Whilst your project was in the development stage, you had another idea. Why not, add an option to sync it with a smart plug and get a bread toast and coffee ready as well? Will our ‘best IoT development company’ be able to accommodate this too? (additional charges are obvious)

Do they have enough resources to accommodate changes/additions/removals? 

For that very instance our IoT development company should be flexible. You can check this by putting forth the same example we mentioned and take note of their response.



What kind of Disaster Recovery system does it offer?

It is quite obvious to get into unforeseen data loss in any IT infrastructure, irrespective of the reason. So, it is highly essential to find an excellent service that can safeguard your data by offering an efficient infrastructure.  

In this data-driven market, data security is the primary concern. So when partnering with any IoT company, make sure it is competent enough to recover your data. The provider should also offer a failover cluster in case of a data disaster or even in the downtime. Go through its competency in handling your sensitive data, disaster recovery approaches, and data backup procedures. 


Does it offer data and app security?

best IoT development company in India

It is imperative for any IoT service provider to offer excellent protection such as authentication methods, end-to-end encryption, access control, and more. Be thorough and watch out for an IoT company that offers you a high-level security system to protect from breaches.

Remember, security in IoT implementation is a must for securing confidential data and to enhance your business integrity. Hence, it is advisable to find an IoT service that can deploy over-the-air-software upgrades, secure DTLS data encryption, and more for security.

The best IoT development company will talk about data security first hand. So, when you connect with a company, make sure to ask them about their platform safety plans.


End-to-End Systems

It may seem usual, but you should check the end-to-end systems of an IoT service provider to access their device management, data integration, hardware & software implementation, and more. Scrutinizing the ins & outs of a company can offer you a good insight into the company beforehand so that you can proceed further with a peace of mind. 


Wrapping Up

An IoT service implemented correctly can provide you a great platform to accumulate data or to reach out to customers. 

These points can help you differentiate and choose the best IoT development company in India. When you start searching for the company, make sure the company focuses on all these points. Here’s something additional that will take away all your worries. We too, offer IoT development services, ranging from custom apps to hardware devices as well. Our temperature data logger was launched recently that can help monitor the temperature in cold storages, blood banks, etc. It was recently placed at the Government blood bank in Varanasi, UP, India. 

You’ll see all the above-mentioned points in our work and a lot more. Let’s discuss this more over a call or an email.


Mobile Application

How To Choose The Best Mobile App Development Company In India

Today the world is undoubtedly dominated by smartphone interaction. Users are most likely to spend most of their time on the internet via smartphones. For any business to have direct interaction with customers, and promote growth, app development has become imperative. You have infinite options for choosing the best mobile app development company in India to satiate your requirements. But for this very reason, you need to review all the parameters precisely before finalizing your app development company.

It is a fact that Indian companies come up with good infrastructure, low cost, and top-notch services. But it is always crucial to understand the functioning factors of a company before working with it.

Here we will offer you some key insights which you should consider while choosing the right app development company. If you are looking for the best mobile app development company in India, then consider the factors mentioned below to identify their expertise and bottlenecks. 


So let’s find out the things you need to focus on to deliver an excellent and engaging application to users. And to bring in substantial revenue to your business. 


Make an extensive list of reputed app development companies 

Functionalities and reputations go on top of one another for the app development companies. So, you need to make a comprehensive list of advanced yet reputed companies before making any consideration. 

 Make a list of such companies adhering to their type of certification, recognition, clientele base, workforce and working environments, development strategies, and more. Remember to classify the companies based on your preference in terms of platforms.  This will give you more clarity to choose the best mobile app development company in India.  


Check expertise in all platforms 

These days, if you focus on a single mobile platform or you are on the losing side for sure. So, come out of the restricted zone and be wise to choose the best mobile app development company in India that is competent enough to work on all the major platforms. 

 It is quite reasonable to start your app on a single platform, but if you need to manifold your business, you should consider iOS and hybrid platforms. 

 Android is the most prevalent mobile operating system, and it has more users as compared to iOS. IOS applications tend to offer higher revenue, so you should consider your preferences and work accordingly. 

 Today there is also a huge demand for cross-platform app development or say hybrid application, which is primarily about designing and developing an application that functions of all the major operating systems without limitations. 

 Here the application developers generate a single code for the cross-platform tool to write target codes for all the operating systems and platforms.

 Lastly, we can say you need to find the partner for developing your app that goes well with all the platforms if you have a long-term objective. 


Adaptation of the latest technologies  

You know how technologies are changing every other day to enhance user experience. Currently, many app development companies deal with AR, VR, AI-based chatbots, and more to offer an excellent user experience. 

These new technologies will help you revolutionize your business operation. And reap more benefits by reaching out to millions of users. 


Standards of app designing  

While looking for the best mobile app development company in India, you should also check the standards of their application designing, which plays a vital role in accumulating success for your business. 

 In terms of standards, you need to approach their workforce and verify their skills and experience. Remember, the designers are the key to offer a world-class application, so they should have prior experience and exceptional proficiencies. Implementing your idea on technology to build a top-notch app is a considerable investment, so you need to prioritize the standards to put in your money in the right way. 


Well-versed with key features 

The best mobile app development company in India should offer you a good synchronization with third-party services and flexible features like data synchronization, scalability, and more. The company should also be competent enough to provide you an excellent back-end service. 


Evaluate the Practice of  latest technologies  

You know how technologies are changing every other day to enhance user experience. Currently, many app development companies deal with AR, VR, AI-based chatbots, and more to offer an excellent user experience. 

On the other hand, the following new technologies also help you revolutionize your business operation and reap more benefits by reaching out to millions of users. 


Examine the Standards of app designing  

While looking for the best mobile app development company in India, you should also check the standards of their application designing, which plays a vital role in accumulating success for your business. 

 In terms of standards, you need to approach their workforce and verify their skills and experience. Remember, the designers are the key to offer a world-class application, so they should have prior experience and exceptional proficiencies. Implementing your idea on technology to build a top-notch app is a considerable investment, so you need to prioritize the standards to put in your money in the right way. 


Scalability in app development is all about the proficiency and competence of an application to efficiently deal with the growing customer base. It also helps your app to run smoothly and with great flexibility. If your app is not scalable, then there could be a drop in the growth, user experience, and more. It also restricts the possibility of adding new features to an application to hit the market abruptly.  

Moreover, scalability is crucial if you want to offer an excellent user experience compared to your competitors. It is also important to craft a definite way for growth and better ROI in the long run. It also helps you inspect bugs and glitches through scalability testing before making your application live.

Hence discuss beforehand, and take the best possible response regarding the scalability option.

Access application development practices

 It is quite apparent that building the mobile applications doesn’t follow the same practice, hence when you want to build a native or hybrid application, you need to focus on the development practices that the best application development company follows. 

 The development of a gaming application is way too different than building a music application where you need to excel in the user experience and graphics for the former. However, the latter requires you to focus on following the current trends. So, it’s up to you to choose the type of application you need for your business or service. 

 You can choose a native app, which is somehow expensive but offers excellent user experience, whereas a hybrid application is cost-effective and provides you flexibility for cross-platform development. So, you can use these types of applications on both iOS and Android platforms. 


Focus on the Frameworks

The frameworks in the course of application development offer the best user experience and make the application easy and intuitive. Hence, if you want to evolve with the trends, then focus on the frameworks the company uses.


Checking the programming language uses is a must.

 You can’t start your day without a smartphone currently, as it involves your daily activities, thanks to the evolution of applications. In such a scenario choosing the right programming language is a must. 

 If you are planning to develop an Android application, then you should go for Java, which is undoubtedly the official language for Android application development. You can also opt for Python, which is a powerful programming language and offers great readability. It also offers nice flexibility to build both Android as well as desktop applications. 

On the other hand, if you intend to build an application for the iOS platform, choose a company that practices programming languages like c# or Swift.  


Looking into the current market scenario, it is advisable to find the best mobile app development company in India only after having a clear insight into your requisites and market demands. Keep in mind, choosing the most efficient mobile app development company is not an easy task. Hence, refer to the above points, keeping your budget in mind before choosing an app development company.

Collaborate with a company having a clear vision, top-notch professionals, and a transparent approach.

We at Essence have a team of experts, who work on creating masterpieces for both android and ios platforms. We offer our extensive app development services, to help you built mobile applications that perform. And by performing we mean, the app’s interface, usage, and the app’s look, content. We use all the latest techs, frameworks, tools to build scalable and smooth applications. Drop us an email here, and will get back to you instantly.

Web Development

How to Choose the Best Web Development Company in India

A website for your business is truly a strategic asset to showcase your functionality and potential. Hence if you are planning to design a website for your business, then choosing the best web development company in India is highly essential. The best company would possess multiple web methodologies to meet your requirements. Furthermore, its designs should provide you instinctive navigation and outstanding user experience. 

You need a meticulous approach to finding the best web development company in India to allure healthy traffic. Moreover, you need to be specific in your tactic and go with only reliable service providers.

Here are some suggestions you should consider before zeroing your search towards the most suitable web technology company. 


The company should come up with its ideas and understand your mindsets

Crafting an engaging website is not about adopting your thoughts only; the company you choose should offer their conceptions working on your viewpoints and requirements. Furthermore, it should heed to your actual needs, understand your business, and how you want to take it from here. 

 Keep in mind listening to your basic requirements is the key to success, so the company you choose should have patience. It shouldn’t have an easy-go approach to implement your endeavor so that it can be a replica of a combination of your thoughts and its know-how for a unique web presence. 


A web development company should have a conscious web presence 

The website of a web development company should be simple yet effective to present much-needed information to you. The company should reflect its expertise and core functions to win trust and confidence. Furthermore, they should also an exact address of their physical presence and contact details to manifold the acceptance among the mass.  


Check the Company’s primary services

The web development company’s website should list the services offered by the company. These can provide some insights into the capabilities of the company. While there is no way for you to test out the company’s claims the company’s portfolio may provide further insights into the company’s actual delivered work.

So, the core service offerings combined with the portfolio will assist you in judging the web development company as a suitable potential partner for your web development project.


The web development company should flexible on the current trends 

While choosing the best development company in India, you should check their adaptability to the latest technologies. If you select a web development company that is not updated with the latest trends, there could be a massive drop in Google ranking and the number of potential customers.  

Today, most customers prefer a smartphone over other modes. So, your web development company should design responsive websites to make it mobile-friendly. Your website should be responsive enough to go well with all the mediums like smartphones and tablets. 

As the world changes every minute, your ideal company should adhere to all the latest technologies.


A web development company should make use of template-based websites

Primarily a web template is a group of HTML web pages where you can insert texts as well as images as per your preference for crafting an engaging website. Such templates made of CSS and HTML offers an economical and convenient way of developing a website with minimal effort. It simplifies your web development process and provides you a great platform to showcase great yet meaningful content.


Check the Frameworks a web development company exercise 

 Usually, a contemporary website is an excellent combination of different layers where frameworks are also popular as platforms are prevalent as a crucial layer representing a functional technology. Hence you should watch out the framework it uses for making your website cost-effective. Remember, a framework is a set of optimized codes which synchronize the programming languages for comfortable and practical functionality. 


You need to check their digital marketing expertise

While choosing the best web development company in India, you should check their presence in digital marketing too. Because digital marketing is the need of the hour. You should choose a partner who offers all aspects of digital marketing services, which provides a productive way to escalate your business. 

 It is also essential to check their in-house digital marketing experts and their proficiency to implement the right digital marketing strategies for your business websites. On the other hand, you should also check the quality of the content the company offers.

 You can’t deny that content is still the king, and it will rule the world for years to come. So it is highly essential to choose the best web development company that engraves tempting content for your website. 


You should check the technologies used for web development. 

The specialty and the success of a website depend on the technologies used for sure. It also instrumental in uplifting its quality and offering better functionality like user interaction & livelier features. So, when we talk about the technologies used for web development, there are primarily two sides, the front end (Client’s side) & Back-end (Server Side). 

The front end or client-side web development is all about the process you see on your laptop or mobile screen. For this type of development, companies mostly use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. HTML is the reason for your content display, whereas CSS is all about designing your content. On the other hand, JavaScript is instrumental in making your website interactive owing to its dynamic libraries and frameworks. 

On the contrary, the back-end or server-side development is a collection process that fuels all the front-end development. It comprises an application, a server, and the database to store its data. The main aim of a server-side of web development generates coding and logics using programming languages and frameworks like Python, PHP, Java, and Node JS. 

Remember, making the right choice and selecting the best technologies for your website can be challenging; you need to do extensive research and chase your core vision. Hence, be realistic and choose the best web development company in India that helps you chose the right tools with all the latest functionalities you need.  


Bottom Line

Selecting the best web development company in India is a must, as the growth of your business depends on it. Indeed, web technology companies play a crucial part in your business enlargement. 

Finding the best web development company is just the start of a successful endeavor. You should measure the above methods to receive applauds for your website and all the desired success.

We at Essence Software Solutions work with the most advanced web development frameworks. We aim towards building robust web applications that are scalable and attention-grabbing. With a basket of technologies and frameworks like Laravel, Php, Shopify, WordPress, etc. we can build anything from a static website to a multi-level web application. You can simply drop us a mail here, and we will get in touch with you ASAP.


Mobile Application

A Guide To The Best Online assessment Apps, Features, Benefits, and More

Ever since objective exams went online, educational institutes started looking for solutions to completely digitize assessments. But, edtech companies have been focusing only on e-learning and not online assessments so far. The lack of acceptance of online assessment apps by schools is one of the major reasons giants of the edtech sector haven’t focused on this segment. However, times are changing and with the pandemic threat that has made the whole world work remotely, the focus on online assessment apps has increased to a great extent. Educational institutes have to make sure that the curriculum is up and running. But they also face the challenge of doing so remotely. There are hundreds of applications that promote e-learning and online classes, but very few apps that focus on the overall functioning, i.e. teaching and testing altogether. 


In this blog, we’ll cover what’s, how’s of online assessments, benefits, features of the best online assessment apps, and more.


What are online assessments? 

Let’s start with the very basics, what is online assessment? Online assessment is an assessment, a test, or an exam that takes place online on a phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet over the internet using a platform. Competitive exams are sort of online assessments, not exactly but similar. When we talk about schools conducting online assessments, it would mean periodic assessments of the whole class. Online assessment is an easier, cheaper, and much time saving alternate or you could say the future replacement of traditional pen & paper-based assessments.

There are multiple online assessment apps that you can use to conduct remote assessments, however, make sure the one you choose offers all the benefits and features mentioned below.


Benefits of Conducting online assessment

The benefits of conducting online assessment are without a doubt enormous, you can save capital, time, and even save the teachers from stress. Let’s read about the major benefits in detail:


  • Little to No use of resources

Sounds confusing, but what we mean to say here is that, when you go online, you are saving a lot of resources. In traditional exams, you would need to print multiple copies of each question paper and even a single typing error would lead to reprints. In online assessment, the paper would directly appear on the student’s app screen, saving a lot of paper and money. Electricity is another resource that you will ideally be saving if you conduct online assessments remotely. Each student will be working on the assessment from his/her individual place, thus saving a lot of electricity costs for a school.


  • Saves Time

Time is money and if you can make time, you can excel in a lot of departments. How do online assessments help save time, could have a completely separate blog, for now, let’s have a brief overview. Consider the making of a question paper in a traditional assessment setup. For starters, the teacher has to take out time from his/her schedule to create a question paper. Once the question paper is ready, someone from the staff will again have to spend a decent amount of time making copies of it. During the assessment, the teacher has to invigilate the students for the duration of the test. Post the exam, the teacher will again have to take out time to check the answer sheets.

There’s also a lot of time involved in the distribution and collection of papers, answer sheets, filling details, etc. in each exam. Multiple small time-consuming activities together take up a lot of time.

Now, let’s consider an online assessment. There’s little to no use of paper and you upload the questions directly on the app. Teachers do not need to invigilate the exam since parents become the invigilators in the remote assessment. With functions like real-time checking, answer sheets can be checked simultaneously, saving more time for teachers. Since assessment is being done on the app, all the details of the student are automatically filled. Question paper is distributed amongst all the students within one click and answer sheets are submitted by each student individually.

You can see the enormous amount of time that can be saved if the education fraternity starts preferring online assessment over traditional assessment.


  • Makes Organizing Exams Easier

Organizing exams is a great deal of stress, but thanks to technology the stress is not taken up by applications and not teachers. This benefit is quite obvious though, in the online assessment you can organize everything more easily in comparison to traditional ones. You just have to create and share the question paper with the students, the students have to write and submit the answers and it’s done. You can send in timings notification to all the students a couple of days (or longer, depends on you) prior to the assessment. The students just have to log in at the time, finish the paper, and submit it. The grades are stored on secure servers and you will have the complete data within minutes.


  • Gives detailed insight into performances

Another benefit of online assessment apps is that they give a detailed insight into each student’s performance. Unlike classroom assessments, the teacher has a detailed overview of how each student and the overall class performed on certain questions and certain topics. Teachers and schools can then use this benefit to change or work on different approaches towards teaching a certain topic or subject. The performance of each assessment is stored on the server, this can help teachers compare student’s performance/growth over time. 

  • Safe 

If you look at the current scenario, social distancing and hygiene are of the topmost priority. Since there is no possible transmission or any hand to hand interaction in online assessment, they are the safest way to test students at present and in the future. If you compare this safety with traditional assessments, there is a huge gap. When we conduct traditional tests, exam copies are manually handled by at least 4-5 people before making their way to the student. Then 100s of answer sheets are piled together, which a teacher has to check, even 1 contaminated sheet would mean risking the lives of many people. Since everyone uses their own device in online exams, there’s no chance of contamination.


  • Secure

When we talk about any online exam software, security comes as an added benefit. From exam access to data, everything is super secure. Consider a normal scenario, you have a register that has the grades of each and every student over a period of 6 months, and you accidentally spill some liquid while working on it. What an unfortunate situation would that be? But when you use online examination systems, complete login, exam, result data will be stored on secure servers ensuring complete security. 


Features that online assessment apps should have

Now that we are done with the benefits of an online assessment software, let’s get to the features that you should look out for while purchasing one. If you think about it, you can ask for a great number of features in an online assessment app, however, the ones mentioned below are more than enough and if an app offers these, take it.


  • Option to conduct assessments in both formats

This is very important. We are habitual to conducting and giving only objective tests online, few to none have planned or have put serious thought behind conducting subjective papers online. Since subjective papers are the ones that truly test a student’s knowledge our online assessment app should, nay, must have an option to conduct both types of exams. 


  • Option to check papers in real-time

To truly replace the traditional assessment, the app should also have a feature that offers real-time paper checking. In schools, papers are generally checked in two different ways. One is when the teacher takes a test and starts checking the answer sheets as soon as students submit them. The other is late checking, which generally happens in periodic exams when answer sheets are collected and checked later. Since our app will have real-time paper checking, the teacher can instantly check and grade the students thus providing a proper replacement to traditional assessments.


  • Option to store questions/ create question bank

Our online examination software should have an option to create question banks. Although teachers generally create fresh questions in each exam, there are chances when you would want to select and upload questions from a previous set. Having a buffer set of questions will help you deploy quick tests and exams.


  • Allows sharing study material

online assessment apps

Our online exam system should also allow study material and lesson plan sharing. This is important, why? Because it will create a streamlined flow for assessments. You will be able to direct students towards the right thing to study. This in turn will help them prepare better. One more thing, the app should allow uploading such content-rich files in multiple formats. This will make sure that you are not restricted to creating a particular type of file.


  • The option of Result Analysis

Once we’re done with the exams, we want to check the overall performance of the class. To do that our app must provide a result analysis option. This option will also be useful in tracking a particular student’s performance over a series of tests. 


  • Secure Access and Secure Storage

Not only the app should be high on access-based security, but it should also save your data securely. The first step in an online assessment app is student signups. Our app should have a feature that allows differentiating genuine signups from spam. The app will also store data for a huge number of students, which will include personal information. Our app must use a secure server to protect this data by all means.


  • Unlimited Storage and old data access

A school ideally has anywhere between 500-2000+ students, creating signups, profiles, and tests for all students would require space. If you choose to create question banks and store results for all the assessments, you would need more storage. In this case, an ideal app would be one that provides unlimited storage. That would save you from constantly upgrading plans or adding more space.


  • Competition Boosting

Countless studies show that healthy competition gets more results from every human, let alone students. Although not a necessity, but a feature that helps promote healthy competition in some way among students would increase performance and students will push to score higher. 


The Best app in the list of online assessment apps

online assessment apps

If you google “online assessment app” or “online examination software” you will find countless results, which would confuse you. We have a better option. You have already read the benefits and features that an online assessment app should have. Here’s the name of an application – Schoolzpro. This app is by far the best online assessment app that offers all the features mentioned above. The interface is very interactive and easy to use. The application has a web version, an android version, and an ios version. 

General feedback on the application says that t’s fast, quick, and high on security. The app was launched in April and has gained decent publicity since. There are reviews that mention it as the best app for online assessment. 


How to conduct exams using the best app for online assessment


Since Schoolzpro is the best app for online assessment, we’ll help you with how to conduct assessments using it. The process is quick and easy. Let’s assume you are starting from scratch. The first thing would be signing up both by you and the students. Second, you go on the exam screen, wait for the students to join, and then start the exam. Once the student submits the paper, you can check the papers in real-time. These are just the high-level features of the app, to know more about the app, you can take a demo here. 



How Can Marketing Automation In CRM Improve Your Business

Marketing has evolved significantly over the years and has become more complex than ever. Consumers are now using multiple platforms to gather information and stay up to date making survival difficult for marketers. By using Marketing Automation with CRM, businesses can optimize and automate a decent chunk of marketing tasks. This will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of business which will save time to deliver tasks. The combined usage of both software helps in delivering messages early and closing deals faster which leads to higher profits and revenue. Marketing Automation is a technology that lets you target customers through personalized campaigns.

On the other hand, CRM is a customer-centric tool that gives a 360-degree view of the customers. It helps to keep a record of all the business activities and maintains each and every detail of a customer in an organized way. There is no doubt that CRM software is an essential tool and should be implemented in every business to manage customer interactions effectively. Marketing Automation is a customized technology but only if it is used according to the needs of the business. So in this blog, you will get to know how CRM works with marketing automation and how businesses can benefit by using both software together.





Emails are the primary communication channels to deal with potential customers. With the help of automated emails, you can test your email content and create templates to and also do advanced email reporting. Email Marketing Automation with CRM helps in customizing data through logical workflows. You can send multiple emails to customers in advance or at a specific event or time. By using CRM and Marketing Automation together in email marketing, you can create customer-specific campaigns with ease. The combined usage can also help you generate massive sales and reduce manual efforts in email marketing.



Campaigns are the workflows that are used to generate leads along with the sales cycle. Campaign management supports inbound and outbound campaigns. To run successful campaigns you need to send emails to a large number of people or need to send an email at a specific event or at a scheduled time.



Lead scoring helps marketers to concentrate on the most effective leads. Depending on the activities and interactions, every customer receives a score. When a lead matures and reaches a certain value, it is assigned to the sales team to perform the appropriate action.

Shortlisting leads from the entire marketing data is quite a challenging task. CRM and Marketing Automation together help in strategizing better, so you can have lead management properly with less time.



The purpose of both CRM and market automation is to approach customers and build better relationships. However, tracking data and conversations from two different software of the same customers can be very difficult and time-consuming. With the integration, you can easily understand and analyze customer relationships and provide better services to the customers. This integration helps you to display your data in a more customized way. 



If you don’t follow up with your lead regularly, most probably your competitor will pick it. Marketing automation can efficiently use lead nurturing to deliver content to your leads over time. With the help of Marketing Automation, you can quickly set up lead nurturing campaigns that actually become sales-ready without putting a lot of sales efforts. With the help of CRM software, sales representatives can view and monitor responses to specific leads, run marketing campaigns, and take appropriate actions.



If you look at the usage of both the software together, it could be an extension of CRM capabilities. We all know that CRM software helps to maintain a history of past customers and future customers. By adding marketing automation techniques with CRM software, we can bring out better and quick sales results. Also, having a CRM integration with Marketing Automation will provide the benefit of consistent messaging. However, if you use both the software separately, then the chances of having traffic in messaging are high.

This is because you need to monitor two different software to know if the interaction with one customer is constant. With the combined usage you can also control data leaks and maintain data hygiene. The integration of both the software together can help organizations gain centralization in the data, have easy customer behavior visibility, and improve workflow.

To get yourself a CRM software that can boost customer engagement and sales, contact us now!


How Can A Student Assessment System Revolutionize E-Learning

E-learning is rapidly growing and revolutionizing the whole education industry. Who would have thought that classrooms will be replaced by videos and homework will be given over emails? However, old teaching methods, use of paper, traditional learning, and skepticism towards technology, are still acting as barriers between schools and e-learning. Although video learning and teaching apps have become popular they lack an important feature, viz. A student assessment system.

Teachers and schools can conduct live classes and share pre-recorded videos but there’s a lack of an option to conduct tests and more within a single platform. To help schools overcome this we have created Schoolzpro, a platform that will address all your e-teaching problems. We’ll get to it later, let’s start with how a student assessment system can help take e-teaching to the next level.


Track Progress With Assignments

One of the great features of a complete student assessment system is that it allows you to make sure your students are studying and learning well. How? Well, it provides you the option to create and deploy assignments for the students. How often can you do it? That’s totally up to you. If you wish to keep a close track of their progress, you can create assignments after every chapter. You can check the submissions to make sure the students have gone through what you intended them to. All of this can be done within a single platform, it can be as interactive as regular classroom learning. You can call for a video class and at the end of it share the assignments, check them, and provide feedback during the next class. 


Test their knowledge by exams

A feature majorly missing in most of the apps used by teachers to interact with students digitally is exams. Conducting exams is a very complicated task, and a lot of paperwork piles up. Once you move to the e-teaching platform, you would want to conduct exams to test their cumulative knowledge of a subject and grade them accordingly. Most schools have not switched to e-teaching because of this key factor, “teach online and then conduct offline papers, what’s the point?”. To be honest, the current scenario is focused more on e-learning rather than e-teaching.

You see, an app that’ll allow you to take classes and provide study material would be incomplete if it doesn’t allow you to test all that knowledge that you have been providing them. A student assessment system like Schoolzpro changes that. With schoolzpro, you can not only conduct exams but also check the answers in real-time to make students realize their mistakes instantly and learn.

Find Out Weaknesses and Strengths

A complete student assessment system will also help you with valuable insights into the exams you conduct. Once your students are done with the exams, you can take note of their weaknesses and strength with insights. With this option, you’ll find the weaknesses for both individuals and groups of students. This will help you focus more on topics that your students find hard to learn and understand. Similarly, the strengths will help you take note of topics that all your students have a good grasp of.

For the strong topics, you can focus on giving more exercises than study material for the same. The insight option if you notice can help you immensely in making sure that all your students excel in their final exams. When you track the data and work on it, you’ll be able to help all the students score high grades, making your school’s overall result beat the others. 



To help you do all of this within a single platform, we at Essence have created an app for you. This app will revolutionize e-teaching – Schoolzpro A Student Engagement System.

Schoolzpro not only allows you to teach through videos it also helps you upload class or subject wise study material. That being said, you can evaluate your students by allocating assignments, taking tests, and checking their performance through data-driven insights. Schoolzpro is more of a student engagement system. The easy to use interface, data protection, and app security make it the best student assessment system. 

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Role Of AI In CRM – Essence Software

Artificial Intelligence or AI is reshaping the way companies work and will become a must-have tool for organizations. Artificial intelligence is the ability of a machine to copy human intelligence processes, learn from experiences, and perform human activities. AI processes large amounts of data much faster and makes predictions that humans are incapable of making. The development in the field of Artificial Intelligence has been truly tremendous. Today, Artificial Intelligence has made it possible for humans to do things that were unimaginable a decade ago. Some of the examples of artificial intelligence are Speech recognition, Handwriting recognition, Alexa, and voice assistants like Siri. With this blog, we’ll dive into the role of AI in CRM, but before we do that let’s learn a bit about CRM.

The use of Customer Relationship Management software is growing as well. Customer Relationship Management is an important part of any business that needs to maintain its existence in a competitive market. Today all customers want special and dedicated treatment, thus businesses are becoming more customer-centric. However, they face a big challenge to do it effectively.

CRM helps offer a lot of services to the customers and the most powerful addition to them is artificial intelligence. The role of AI with CRM is a real game-changer. Some Companies are still not familiar with the fact that AI with CRM can make a business profitable and can perform much faster action. Here we have written this blog to spread awareness that Artificial Intelligence with CRM can bring a change and let AI handle the analysis and make smarter recommendations. 



Helps in speeding up the sales cycle using technology to interact with customers or schedule meetings. It can also improve lead generation by having more accurate marketing campaigns. Integrating Artificial Intelligence into CRM helps in automation of Customer reports, emails, data collection, and more. This helps you avoid the risk of human errors in your everyday tasks.




An Artificial Intelligence-powered CRM helps to learn from past decisions and historical data to score the best leads for sales. Artificial intelligence will also be able to predict future customer behavior. AI is very helpful when it comes to analyzing customer’s emotions even by a single phone call. By doing this, AI helps in establishing new strategies that lead to good growth. This helps to connect with customers on a new level because you will give customers exactly what they want, how they want, and when they want it.



AI helps team workers to be more productive because with AI, you won’t need to worry about the manual data entry work. Having intelligent algorithms will help categorize customers easily. Imagine an automated segmentation that will assure you to deliver your message to a specific group to multiple customers at a time.



It helps to suggest better ways to group and assign tickets to relevant departments. Your CRM system will benefit because AI helps to sort tickets by finding out data time-wise, location wise and it saves a lot of time.



The live chat function in CRM utilizes much time to deliver apt responses and suggestions to users. Artificial Intelligence is what gives us quick responses via chat without having to wait for too long. Machine learning, with a branch of Artificial Intelligence, also plays a part in learning and storing patterns from the conversations.



What matters for a business is consistent growth and that is only possible by interacting and engaging with customers. By the use of artificial intelligence, you can set up a device that can work for you in your absence. Also, your work is simplified and customers can get a service 24/7.



Through the intelligent data analysis that results from AI and CRM integration, devices will be able to create more applications with easy to use interfaces. Furthermore, easy to use CRM interfaces will help increase conversion rates and quality experience.




So, now you have an overview of the role of AI in CRM. By now, you know that, businesses are already taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence and if you want to keep up with them, you should consider adding it to your business. AI with CRM makes it possible for companies to improve customer satisfaction and makes CRM software more powerful.  The evolution of AI will lead to the development of efficient CRM software, which in turn, will help in saving time and providing valuable customers and maintain future customers.

Finally, if you wish to get a CRM Software to handle customers and sales in the most effective way, connect with us now!



What are the Key Features Of CRM?

Working with customers can be a challenging task. Keeping up contacts, details, relevant information, solving problems, and ensuring satisfaction, all of this takes too much time if done individually. CRM helps achieve all this as well as helps to maintain positive relations with customers within a single dashboard. One of the most key features of CRM is that it can carry a lot of workload for business.

Customer Relationship Management is helpful for small businesses as well as large enterprises. Helps businesses expertly manage work and address customers with great care. The main purpose of CRM is to drive profit by helping companies to track the records of all the activities of the acquired or to be acquired business. Although CRM is a broader term used in business these features will help you to get more familiar with CRM. An effective CRM strategy help companies work with customers and try to understand them instead of blindly selling their product or service.


Good customer Relationship Management (CRM) software enables your business to better manage customer interactions, and provide support through systems.

There are some features of CRM


Contact Management is an essential part of every business. CRM helps in managing contacts, addresses, emails, and names in a database. It helps in managing all relevant contacts, important emails, and data in specific fields and helps to secure the confidential information in a managed way. It helps in keeping every bit of details of your customers. All details in CRM are kept centralized and available anytime which helps in increasing productivity as well as timely management of things.



A good CRM system keeps the data secure and gives access to information only to designated people. There is a way to allow management and access to a particular person without compromising data security.CRM also helps in efficiently dealing with customers and provide them what they need, which enhances turnover as well as profits.


CRM can also track billing and invoicing for each system. It helps in keeping a record of financial activities and helps in tracking timelines of payment. With CRM you can keep all invoices organized and it helps in maintaining average frequency.



CRM software that has hardware monitoring features can provide help in checking the status and availability of hot spots and other network equipment. It can save you the time spent in managing hardware devices, leaving more time to directly deal with customers.



CRM software helps in collecting information about partners and product support. This helps in finding out why, when, where, and what was the reason that client was dissatisfied. It also helps in having a track of how the issue has been addressed. This makes it easy to have a track of each customer and helps in finding which business is profitable and which is not.



A CRM system not only helps in dealing with existing customers but also helps in acquiring new customers. The process starts with identifying the customer and finding all the corresponding details and maintain them in the CRM system.  Then the Sales Executive tries to get business out of these customers, follow up with them, and convert them into leads.



One of the important features of CRM is highly cost-effective. Implementing CRM system software helps in reducing the paperwork and reduces manual work resulting in lesser staff and lesser resources to deal with. The software used in the CRM system is cheap as compared to other tools.



In today’s commercial world, it is quite challenging to deal with existing customers and to thrive business by getting more customers. A satisfied customer will be there with you in the long term and enhance the growth of the business. CRM gives customer satisfaction. Installing a CRM software system can improve the situation and help deal with new ways of marketing and business.

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Mobile Application

React Native Vs Flutter | The Key Differences | Essence Softwares

With the super-fast advancement in app development technologies, cross-platform frameworks have become the top choice among developers. The need for frameworks that can help build mobile apps on both ios and android simultaneously gave birth to React, Flutter, and other similar techs. This blog on React Native vs Flutter will bring more clarity on the key differences between the two frameworks and help you choose the right technology for your app development.

React Native vs Flutter is a debate that’s all over the dev community. Flutter and React, both are cross-platform app development techs and launched by giants of the IT industry. React which works on Javascript was launched by Facebook back in 2015 and has become the most preferred development framework among developers. Flutter, on the other hand, was launched by Google in 2018 and became an instant favorite because of its hot-reload feature. React currently holds around 86k Github stars with over 2000 active contributors. Flutter currently has over 500 contributors and has gained over 90k Github stars in a much shorter period compared to React. 

Although both the frameworks have the same use, here is the list of differences that you’ll be reading about:

  1. Programming language. (React-javascript, Flutter-dart)
  2. Development (React uses components, flutter uses widgets)
  3. Architecture (react-flux, flutter-skia)
  4. Performance 


React Native vs Flutter – Programming Language

Single language for programming on both ios and Android is probably the best part of using cross-platform app development technologies. The first and foremost difference between React and Native is the programming language. React works on Javascript which is a very popular programming language and it’s easy to find skilled developers who work on Javascript.  While Flutter works on the DART programming language which was launched by Google itself back in 2011. Javascript is dynamic and according to Stack Overflow’s Development Survey, over 71% of developers have worked with language. While DART is less popular, the easy documentation, syntax, and Google’s name is helping it gain popularity post Flutter’s Launch.


React Native vs Flutter – Ease of Development

React Native works using components, but rather than using web components it uses the react- native or third party libraries for mobile app development. Components help you split the UI into multiple pieces, meaning you can design a particular piece without interference.  Due to the lack of DOM and Markup, React Native does not use HTML and CSS but there are components that offer a similar mindset to both. Also the user interface of react native is very similar to HTML and CSS which makes it easy for development. 

Flutter is more dependent on widgets and uses them as the building block. It is packed with a decent number of widgets to help smoothen the development process. Unlike react, which helps you build the app step by step using components, every property you use/change in Flutter will be done using a widget. Like loops, Flutter has nested widgets, each working inline with the properties of the parent widget.


React Native vs Flutter – Architecture

React Native works on the Flux architecture developed by Facebook and it highly relies on Javascript bridge to connect with JS components. The dependency of React Native on JavaScript Bridge makes it slower in performance when compared to Flutter. 


Flutter being primarily used for UI development is based on Skia C++ architecture. Google Chrome is one of the examples of apps built on a low-level Skia engine. Since Flutter works on Dart, it has all the components in-built and doesn’t need the bridge to connect with native modules.


React Native vs Flutter – Performance

Although React Native is more popular amongst the two, Flutter comparatively offers better performance. Since Flutter’s applications are compiled using the C++ libraries, all components are compiled at the same time. While in React Native the UI components are compiled first to their native counterparts and the JS runs separately and creates a bridge to communicate with libraries and native modules for any action needed. 

The prolonged process of compilation in React Native, makes it lag in performance when compared to Flutter. Do note that Flutter has only been able to beat React Native because it compiles all components at the same time.




React Native
Owner Facebook Google
Programming Language Javascript DART
Building Blocks Components from libraries Widgets
Apps using the technology Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Tesla Google ads, Xianyu by Alibaba
Community Support Less because it’s fairly new and uses DART as the primary language More because has been around longer and uses Javascript which is a popular programming language



So, this was a short overview of React Native vs Flutter. The programming language, development method, and architecture are currently the only areas of difference between React Native and Flutter. While React is more popular because of the ease of development and use of Javascript, Flutter is going through a phase of constant improvement by Google. With increased community support and ease of installation, Flutter might surpass React in terms of usability in upcoming years. 


If you are looking for native or hybrid apps for Android and iOS, we can help you complete the project with brilliance. Our coders are experts in building cross-platform apps based on React Native. With our experience of working over 50+ projects on React, we’ll build you an app that has a unified structure and is easily manageable. 


Let’s connect to discuss more on your project and why we as an app development company prefer React over Flutter.


Benefits of offshore development?

Offshore development is a brilliant technique for companies to get projects completed quickly under a decent budget. Thanks to the superior talent and low pricing, offshoring culture in development has been booming for the past 5 years. Offshore development basically means hiring an individual or a team of developers from a foreign country with lower production costs. However, many IT companies still doubt the results from offshore development. With this blog, we aim to explain the benefits of offshore development and how we at Essence can help you make the most of them. 

Cost Saving

Cost is the first and foremost aspect that companies focus on before initiating a project. In-house software development can be costly as you would be hiring a team of developers to work on a single project. You would have to provide a decent number of resources to the developers, which of course includes hardware. With offshore development, you will be hiring a remote team that will use its own resources to work on your project. Since offshoring is generally done to countries with lower production costs, you can hire experts for your project at a much decent price. 

So, no purchase of resources, cheap workforce all combined will bring down the project cost to a great extent. 

Talent Pool

When working with an in-house team, there are certain limitations to hiring. You can only hire developers that live in the same city as your office or are willing to move there. To hire field experts you will need to spend more which might disrupt the budget and force you to settle with mediocre talent. 

Offshore development counters all the talent acquisition problems. With no location barrier to worry about, you can hire the best talent in the industry and choose from a huge pool of global talent. You’ll find companies like Essence who have developers with expertise in multiple fields. You might need to hire 10 in-house developers for a project when the same work can be completed by 5 developers with global hiring. 



Time is money! A lot of time is spent on hiring the “right” people and overlooking the project when working with in-house developers. In-house employees have a dedicated time to work on certain projects and they are burdened with smaller tasks from time to time. The team that you hire with offshoring, will be time-bound and work on strict deadlines. It’s very much possible to choose developers in a country that has a 10-12 hour time zone difference. With the time zone difference, you will have people working for you 24*7 (theoretically). To promote transparency most offshore development companies work with time tracking tools like Hubstaff, that boost productivity. 

More about remote development team management tools.


Core business focus

Once you have a team of experts working remotely under low cost, you can focus more on your core business. With more time and capital saved, you can prioritize expanding the business. Offshoring will take off a huge load of constant “team management”, which means you will get more time to talk to clients and get in more sales. Of course, you’ll have to manage remote teams too, but there would be a designated time, it won’t be as frequent as in-house teams. If you look at the broader picture, offshoring will help you drive more sales (since you’re saving a lot of time).

With a team of expert developers and handy tools for website, mobile app and IoT solutions development, we at Essence offer offshore development to help you save time and cost. 

Our headquarters is located in Gurgaon, India, from where we have been providing IT solutions globally. With a cumulative experience of working over 400 projects, our team is full of multi-talented developers and creative heads. To make project tracking easier we follow globally accepted work procedures and methodology. We have an array of resources for all sorts of development projects. We work with advanced technologies that boost scalability, performance, and take less time in development. 


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Top remote development team management tools

Remote work is the next big change that IT companies are adopting to cut down rental space, hardware costs, and boost productivity. Yes, you read that right, contrary to popular opinion, with systematic management, remote work can help companies gain more productivity from their employees. So, we have made a list of the 8 best remote development team management tools that can not only help you in getting top-class productivity from your remote developers but also help you maintain healthy interaction.

The majority of workers in IT firms are developers and hiring a remote team or offering existing employees the choice of remote work can have its own set of management problems.

Managing a team of remote developers is much more difficult than managing an in-house team. You’ll have multiple problems in handling communication, tracking progress and assigning tasks, unlike office premises you don’t have the option to walk to your developers’ desk to get updates and resolve issues.

Here’s the list of the 8 remote development team management tools that’ll help you gain maximum productivity from your remote team.
  1. Slack
  2. Skype
  3. Zoom
  4. Trello
  5. Jira
  6. Asana
  7. Hubstaff
  8. TimeCamp
Communication is very important when handling a remote team. With effective interaction, you can track progress, resolve issues, and update the team with any problems that need to be handled with priority. Developers can also connect with each other to solve individual queries and work on correlated tasks.


You might have heard of slack before, it’s very popular among remote workers. Slack is an instant messaging tool that allows you to create channels (chat groups), send files, images, documents, and even screen sharing. It also allows integration with 3rd party apps like Google Drive, Skype, Zoom, MailChimp, etc.

Slack has 4 versions, including 1 Free and 3 paid, for a small-sized team it’s best to go with the Standard plan which costs just $6.67/month. You’ll be able to have group calls with up to 15 members and you’ll have access to the complete message history of your team unlike the 10000 recent messages in the free version. Slack is the perfect communication tool for team management.


Skype needs no introduction, the tool is used for both professional and personal uses. The instant messaging functionality and availability over multiple platforms make Skype the most widely used tool for remote team management.

remote development team management tools

With Skype, you can create groups, send files, documents, images, reports and even have video-conferencing with the team. If you want a communication tool that is efficient and easy to use, Skype is perfect for you.


There can be instances when your team of developers gets stuck at a certain stage. Or, you just want to have a team meeting to check the progress of the project. For all those moments when you feel a face to face connection can help you solve problems, Zoom will come handy. Although Zoom has messaging options, it is mostly used for video conferencing, where teams can connect to discuss issues or maybe just chill during that 10-minute break.

If you need to hold audio and video conferences constantly, Zoom should be the ideal choice. You can connect with up to 100 members in a single meeting and the connectivity is far more superior than the other options.

Collaboration is as important as effective communication. When working with a remote team, there would be times when you would want to know the combined status of your project and define roles to employees. With a collaborative tool, you would be able to track team progress and dictate team tasks more constructively.


Trello is like a Kanban Board, you get a dashboard where you can add multiple boards with different categories. For example, when handling remote developers you can create boards like “To-do tasks”, “In Progress”, “Completed”, “Testing”, “Tested” and more. Within these categories, you can add multiple tasks, employees working on them, timeframe, checklists and more.

It’s a great project management and tracking tool for mid-sized firms. The interface is user friendly and you’ll easily be able to handle and manage your team’s progress from the dashboard. With the Business Class version that costs $9.99 per month, you will get over 100 app integrations like Jira, Slack and more.



Jira is a tool used by agile teams to break complex projects into simpler todo tasks. Similar to Trello, Jira offers a master dashboard where you can track multiple projects and sub-tasks within them. Using Jira, you can break a project into multiple development phases. Once you have multiple phases you can assign team members to do sub-tasks. All the tasks assigned, in progress and completed will appear on your Jira dashboard. 

You can use the pre-designed workflows or create your own set according to your modus operandi. Jira also offers inbuilt features like issue tracking, backlog prioritizing, sprint planning and more. If you like working around Scrum boards or Kanban boards, Jira would be the ideal software for you. Jira is costlier than Trello and you will have to pay $7 per user for the standard plan.


People are often confused between Asana, Trello, and Jira. Although all three offer the same basic functions, they all differ in price and interface. A big chunk of fortune 500 companies use ASANA for project management. Asana is a great remote development team management tool to help you organize your projects and increase productivity. Asana will help you break down tasks into simple lists or calendars. 

remote development team management tools

Using Asana, you can build timeline tracks, track progress, check developer workload and initiate automation for routine tasks. If your developers and you want a more structured and organized presentation of your project’s tasks, then you should opt for Asana. If you have less than 10 developers to manage, the free version would be sufficient for you. For a team of 15 members or more, you will have to purchase the enterprise plan at $9.99 per user per month.


Once you’re all set with communication and collaboration tools, you would need a monitoring tool. A tool that can help you track the exact amount of time your developers are dedicating to the project. This tracking tool will also help you allot timeframes for your developers ensuring zero loss of productivity.


Hubstaff is one of the best time tracking tools for your company. This simple software is packed with countless team management tools. It’s most widely used for time tracking. When working with a team of remote developers, you would want to know the amount of time they are spending on each project and you’d also want to allocate specific hours for certain projects. Hubstaff enables screen capture, that’ll help you track your employee’s activities and research while working on the project.

Besides time tracking, Hubstaff is very similar to Trello, it too offers Kanban Board for you to divide projects into phases,  choose timeline, and the team working on them.


To be honest, there is no other tool that can match Hubstaff other than Timecamp. This cloud-based time tracking tool helps you be on the same page with your team while working from a remote location. With Timecamp, you can get a daily report, of the amount of time your developers are spending on individual tasks. With these daily reports, you can assign work to developers based on their speed and productivity in a certain field or task. 

remote development team management tools

Timecamp also allows integrations with over 100 apps. With Asana integration, you can even set time goals for your to-do-list. Timecamp will also allow you to create instant timesheets for tasks. The instant timesheets will help you save time in building weekly reports for clients and sending invoices. The price is similar to Hubstaff, i.e. $7 per user for the PRO version.

We could have made a huge list of more than 10 such remote development team management tools but that would only lead to further confusion. Also, these 8 tools would cater to most if not all of the things required to ensure high productivity. We’re sure, with these remote development team management tools by your side, you will be able to handle projects easily and beat deadlines by fair margins.

If you’re looking for remote developers, let Essence help you out. Contact us Now!

The solution to the problems in IoT data storage – Cloud

A short definition of iot would be ‘a network of interconnected electronic devices that create and share data.’

To upscale the business and to get in line with futuristic tech development, companies have started experimenting around IoT. Although it has a vast scope of unimaginable real-life applications, the Internet of Things (IoT) sure-shot comes with its own set of drawbacks. The predominant challenges that IoT currently faces are Data Storage and Security. Data Storage standalone is the most significant challenge because every device connected within a network generates data. This has to be stored somewhere before it’s analyzed.

According to research by the International Data Corporation, IoT devices worldwide will be generating around 79.4 zettabytes data in 2025. The number of IoT enabled devices will shoot up to 46 billion from the current number of 20 billion. Considering the growth of over 100%, we need a more straightforward solution to the problem of storing and managing the data from the IoT devices. Even if you consider real-time data analysis, the data loggers need to be connected to a storage device, from where analysts can collect the data.

What are the problems with that? 

Problems with local storage option and its management 

iot data storage

Local Storage and Cloud are the two mediums of storing data collected from IoT devices at present. Let’s discuss why the local data storage option is inefficient.

The reason to get an IoT device is to be able to collect data from it, analyze it, and set future functions according to that data. For that to happen, the device has to be collecting data all the time, right? Now, the foremost drawback of a local storage device is its limited storage. Consider buying a hard disk and connecting it to one of your IoT devices. The device will send unlimited amounts of data, and over time, your hard drive will have no more space left. You’ll either have to set up a function to overwrite data or manually transfer the data on some other storage space and reconnect the hard disk to the IoT device. While doing all this, you will lose critical data. 

so, limited storage is the first problem.

Have you ever wondered how much time is wasted in just transferring data from one device to another? Not just time, if you don’t own multiple storage devices, you’ll probably lose some valuable data that your IoT devices are generating while copying the initial data to another storage option. 

This simple step of copying the data from your data logger to an external device includes three drawbacks of local storage altogether; Time, cost, and ease of access.

You’ll be wasting valuable time in the whole process of connecting the device to the data logger, copying the data, and then transferring to a system to analyze it. You’ll be needing multiple storage devices if you have to transfer a large amount of data or capture data from multiple IoT enabled devices. And let’s be honest, this doesn’t really sound fun and easy. You’ll either have to do all of this manually, or you can go for a much better option for data storage and management for IoT devices, ‘CLOUD.’

Introduction to cloud storage (Data storage and monitoring)

The solution to IoT data storage problems of - Cloud

Cloud storage is, without a doubt, the most preferred mode of data storage for all operating devices. The reason for that is the ease of access, which was lacking with the local storage option. Cloud is a network of storage servers managed by companies to store data that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. 

But how does cloud storage work for IoT? 

It’s a lot simpler than data storage on local devices. The data loggers attached to IoT devices are connected directly to the cloud. The direct connection to clouds enables the seamless transfer of all data over the internet. 

Why should cloud storage be the ideal choice? (The benefits of cloud for IoT)

Limited storage space is the first problem out of the 3 key problems of the local device storage. 

The best thing about cloud storage is that you don’t have a predefined maximum storage limit. You’ll have to buy plans to extend storage but there won’t be a fixed limit like in a hard disk. So,  you connect multiple data loggers to the same cloud. The volume of data captured, won’t be something you will have to worry about. 

Secondly, you would be saving a lot of time. You won’t have to transfer data twice from data logger to storage, and from the storage device to an operating system. It will also be cost-effective as you won’t have to buy physical storage devices that depreciate over time and offer limited storage. You will also benefit from the competitive pricing in the cloud computing industry. 

What do we offer?

By now, you would admit that cloud storage for IoT devices is far better than the local storage option. Keeping that in mind, we offer customized IoT solutions for enterprises wanting to take the maximum advantage of cloud computing. We’ll help you take all the benefits of cloud storage with our cloud-enabled data loggers. With our IoT solutions and data loggers, you will also get to track data in real-time on iloggerz. (our in-house app for tracking the data generated from IoT devices). 

Get in touch with us to know more!
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Remote developers for hire amid Covid-19 crisis

The unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic has shaken the world hard. With governments enforcing lockdowns, industries worldwide have taken a big hit in operations. Companies have closed their premises temporarily, and have asked their employees to work from home to ensure safety. However, this global lockdown has created significant project management issues for the IT sector. Essence is offering IT solutions to all those companies who need remote developers. We are helping you with more hands to complete projects based on any development, whether web, app, or blockchain development.

Software companies and startups are trying their best to keep productivity loss at the minimum by working from home. However, there are specific tasks that can only be accomplished by team collaboration.

The two essential requirements (besides a device) to work remotely are a proper network connection and a power backup. Companies are facing a tough time completing and manage projects. Issues like improper network, device compatibility, and power backup have resulted in decreased productivity among employees working from remote locations.

As if managing the ongoing projects was getting any easier, the burden of having new projects piling up and a limited task force for deployment has brought IT companies to a standstill.

Remote Developers for Web development

With an arsenal of technologies at disposal, our remote developers will work with you to ensure that your projects are completed on time with perfection. We work on all major web development frameworks, including Laravel, Php, Symfony, and Slim Web framework. Our developers are genius coders, and their mastery over these frameworks is backed by a cumulative experience of over 15 years. The team at Essence will make sure that you don’t have to compromise with your projects amid this global crisis.

App development

Remote developers for hire amid Covid-19 crisis

App development requires a team of competent developers who work in sync to build the product according to the client’s needs. When working remotely, even if one of your employees faces connectivity issues, the whole team will have to suffer. With team monitoring and remote project management, we make sure that your work doesn’t stop because of one minor issue. Our developers are experts in building apps on Ionic, React, Android, and iOS. We’ll also make sure that you get a status report every day to track the progress of your project.

During tough times, we can only benefit from collaborative work. We are offering our services to companies looking for remote developers. We’re also making sure that companies don’t lose on new projects just because of short staff.

All of us are doing our part by keeping the industries running and staying at home until the superheroes (doctors, nurses, and all other essential service providers) get this disease under control. We hope that the world comes out stronger than before from this COVID-19 crisis, and all of us can go back to our offices to work more efficiently. Till that time, you have Essence to help you out in developing IT solutions remotely.

If you’re looking for remote developers or need help with any other IT problem, here’s the solution.
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Why is cybersecurity a challenge for startups?

Data privacy is becoming a big issue for companies worldwide. Every other day you would see news of data leaks from some tech giant, but what you don’t get to see is the number of cyber-attacks faced by startups. Growth and profits were the only major concerns of startups about a decade ago. However, in recent years, cybersecurity has become one of the top 5 challenges. According to the data shared by the National Cyber Security Alliance of USA, more than 43% of the total cyberattacks are directed towards startups. For every 100 successful breaches at least 60 startups shut their operations within 6 months.

Any startup that holds a customer database or personal information is prone to cyber-attacks. For startups working around IoT and AI any breach in security could result in a complete halt of operations. 

The key factors that make Cybersecurity a big challenge for startups are:

  1. Lack of resources
  2. Little to no awareness
  3. Lack of guidance

Attackers target startups more frequently because of their lack of investment and resources to ensure data security. Although startups may not have a big database of personal information, they do open a pathway to find loopholes in the larger organizations where they offer services. Startups also face a more significant risk of being a ransomware target. Hackers target them because they can’t afford to lose at the initial phase, and they are more likely to pay. 


Lack of Resources

‘Lack of resources’, is the biggest excuse that startups make when asked about an inadequate cybersecurity setup. Startups have limited funds that are allocated to the ‘must to be accomplished tasks’. Cybersecurity is generally not on that list because it doesn’t promote or boost growth on the charts. Startups are mostly dependent on limited or free software, tools to safeguard from any cyber attack. And 3 out of 4 startups admit that they do not have adequate staff to handle IT security. 

Without having a designated team to ensure cybersecurity, startups face a huge risk of untraceable malware and phishing attacks headed their way. The lack of advanced defending software adds to the already weak structure, which hackers take advantage of. 


Lack of awareness

Why is cybersecurity a challenge for startups?

Awareness is a major issue, while they focus on growth-promoting factors and building digital presence, startups fail to acknowledge the risk of being a cyberattack victim. Several independent surveys have reported that over 47% of startups have no understanding of how to protect themselves from a cyberattack and that they do not consider it a big problem because ‘hackers have bigger companies to attack.’ 

The majority of employees working in startups are unaware of phishing emails (accounts for over 52% of data breaches) and they do not check the link, authority, or person they’ve received the email from. Furthermore, startups do not follow any preventive measures or training sessions for employees regarding effective and safe usage of their systems. 


Lack of Guidance

Why is cybersecurity a challenge for startups?

The reason why startups lack resources and are unaware of the risks of being a digital attack victim is that, they have little to no guidance over the importance of cybersecurity. They have no contingency plans and no reserve funds in case they face a ransomware attack. 

Startups need guidance and training over Cybersecurity. The need to be informed that without measures they are prone to severe data theft. Cyberattacks can be so devastating that they can lead to the permanent closure of the company. Without guidance, startups fall prey to the evil intents of hackers equipped with the latest technologies from the dark web. 

This is where Essence comes in, with our startup consulting service, we help startups choose technologies. We help startups with options that are less prone to cyber-attacks and have better-defending mechanisms. We also recommend tools that can help you secure your data and network from cyberattacks based on your business. Want to discuss cybersecurity in detail?

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Technical Challenges for a Startup 


Starting a new company has its own set of challenges and benefits. On one hand, you get to be your boss and make a contribution to society. On the other hand, you’re down with a lot of how to’s and where to’s. When the world is revolving around technology, it becomes difficult to choose the right one for your company. In this blog, we’re going to discuss some of the key technical challenges faced by startups. In the end, we’ll help you with an all-in-one solution to all these challenges. 

Here’s a list of the technical challenges that you’ll be reading about

  • Choosing the right set of software
  • Choosing a scalable technology
  • Building the right digital solution
  • Choosing between proprietary and open-source


Choosing the right set of Softwares

Technical Challenges for a Startup 

It’s imperative that you choose the right set of software and tools that help you manage your company. Initially, a startup might not have a considerable number of employees. With that in mind, you would look for temporary solutions, but, it’s essential that you pick long term solutions for each of your departments. Why? Because when you launch your product or service, you would want to focus entirely on the growth of the company, rather than worrying about internal management problems. 

Temporary solutions do the work initially and are cheaper. But once your company starts gaining exposure and the number of employees increase, it would become tough to move to new software. Your employees would need more time to adapt to the latest software. So, it is advised that you think long-term right from the beginning. 

Decision making is an essential aspect of any business. Startups, however, are overwhelmed with the number of options available in the market, and it often gets tough to choose the right ones. A general rule is to get some productivity and management boosting tools like communication software, logistics tracker (if needed), DBMS, accounting software, project management software, progress trackers, etc. That’s okay, but there are hundreds of such tools available in the market, which one should you choose? You’ll find the answer to this question at the end of this blog.

Choosing a scalable technology

Technical Challenges for a Startup 

According to us, choosing a scalable technology is one of the biggest technical challenges that startups face. As we said above, a startup is bound to grow and to ensure smooth growth, it’s crucial to choose scalable technologies. Out of all the key sectors in the world, IT is the most dynamic one where you’ll get ten different options to get the same work done. Even after these many options, startups find themselves in a state of confusion when choosing the right technology to build their product. The reason for the confusion is that you want a technology that is easily accessible, easily manageable, and, most importantly, scalable. 

It’s not just about the product that you’ll be offering to the customer, the technology you use within your premises has to be scalable too. But why is scalability a big issue?

With time, you will be generating more traffic on your digital platform, or maybe you’ll have a big database of information. To be able to manage all this, you might need to upgrade from the tech you used initially. You might need to scale the technology for a more extensive client base. But, if you choose a technology that doesn’t offer the option to expand or resize, then you would have to migrate to a different technology. This will have a negative time and cost impact on the company.


Building the right digital solution using the right technology

Technical Challenges for a Startup 

Some people might not consider this as a challenge. The truth, however, is that startups spend a decent amount of time in figuring out the right digital solution for their brand. By digital solution, we mean the virtual presence of the company. Whether it’s a website, android app or an ios app. 

It’s an unpopular opinion, but you need not have a presence over each and every digital platform. For example, a startup may not necessarily be selling a service, so building an app could be a miscalculated financial decision. Similarly, a gaming startup or a service-based startup would not need a full-fledged website.

Choosing between proprietary and open-source

One of the toughest tasks at the hands of startup owners is to choose between the type of software. Open-source software is generally more preferred over its counterparts. The reason is that it can be easily modified, it’s constantly evolving, highly scalable and most of all FREE. However, proprietary versus open source is a never-ending debate. While most of the dev community prefers open-source, some key factors that confuse startup owners in making the final decision. 

For starters, your company is your precious treasure and you would want to avoid any digital attack headed towards it. Since open-source software has no ownership, the resolution of any bug or error is mostly dependent on help from other coders. So, it’s possible that one of those solutions has been created with malicious intent. Another thing that brings second thoughts when opting open-source software is that most such tools do not have a user-friendly interface and you have to be a hardcore coder to understand things.

There’s an additional challenge that startups face and that is Cybersecurity. If you want to know more about it, read our blog on Why cybersecurity is a challenge for startups here.


How can startups combat this threat? What are the solutions to all the challenges mentioned in this blog? 

We, at Essence, offer “Startup Consulting,” dedicated service to help startups combat these technical challenges. We’ll help you choose the right technology, the right software, the right digital solutions, and even the right set of tools that will ensure cybersecurity. 

We believe that with a little help and guidance, startups can focus more on their growth rather than focusing on solutions to these challenges. We love startups, and our team of experts ensures that your company makes the right technical decisions that lead to exponential growth. With our startup consulting service, we’ll not just direct you towards the correct technological path, we’ll also tell you why that path would be perfect and how it would help your startup in the future.

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