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Why Choose Hybrid Mobile Apps?

One of the very common questions I have heard recently is “Will hybrid mobile app will be good for my idea?”
Comparing hybrid mobile apps with native is the first thing we do in order to find answer to the above question. Let’s try and find out an answer.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Hybrid apps are are web views wrapped in a native wrapper. This means that the web application running on device with an additional capability to access device features like camera, GPS, Location services etc. Hybrid apps are like any other mobile apps. They can be installed on your device. You can find them in app stores. A well-written hybrid app shouldn’t look or behave any differently than a native app.

Here are some characteristics of the hybrid mobile app:

— Developed using HTML, Javascript and CSS
— Write once, run everywhere
— Save time and money
— Faster development cycle
— Easy resource availability

Some of the common hybrid platforms available

— Phonegap
— Ionic Framework
— NativeScript
— React native
— Onsen UI
— Jquery Mobile


Hybrid app platforms have come a long way in recent times. They have been a good substitute for the individual native app developments where you develop and maintain a single code base. Most of the SaaS service have a clear lean towards hybrid platforms for their MVP and even for their finished customer facing product.

We at Essence Software Solutions have expertise in designing and developing hybrid mobile apps with native comparable performance.

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